Meet Doodle Dog

crest oval copyMany of you may recognise this little Scottie. We’ve used him/her for lots of things on the facebook page, but here we are introducting him/her for the first time.

Doodle Dog today, is being displayed here sitting on the Pride of Bannockburn Tartan (the one we chose for our Scottie Health Awareness Day ribbon) and also highlighting our new “motto” :

percipio precepi perceptum …. Salveo

It means, in a nutshell : to gain, learn, perceive, understand (thats all the p’s) and “to be in good health” – thats the Salveo bit. So when put together it outlines our mission statement: to gain an all out understanding of our scotties with the ultimate aim of making them as healthy as we can.

Doodle Dog will be joined by his/her friend Dazzle Dog, but he/she is a little tired at the moment as he/she has just been created and is resting for a day or too before being “launched” upon the world.

Thanks to you all for your continued support. It is very much appreciated. And with the news of the published article in DogWorld, we have now take one more step on the road to “making a difference” for Scotties.



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