Breed Standard – proposed changes!

crest squareThis is a document we should all read. It’s lengthy, informative and deserving of every scottie owner’s attention – so grab a pot of coffee, get comfortable at your desktop computer, or laptop and read on …. please!

We at Scottie Health are interested to know : “How does the proposed change in ‘back length’ of the scottish terrier impact on the health of our beloved breed?”

Why you should oppose the proposed revisions to the Scottish Terrier Breed Standard …….


3 responses to “Breed Standard – proposed changes!

  1. Agreed but should be no restrictions at all on colour because of our small gene pool. We can not afford to lose any genes at all by selling and neutering puppies with different colours or light eyes or patches. The gene pool is too small to allow this. Also we should use this as a guide. Our dogs are not to be put in a measuring box like a suitcase in an airport!!!

    • Fully agree with you Julie and I think the folks petitioning against the proposed changes have no problem with the amendment to the colours of our scotties. They are concerned with the wording surrounding the length of back. If only they would put the same amount of energy into getting the health scottie right, rather than this!

Our Scotties really do need to hear from you .....

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