Thank You!

Dazzle Dog

Dazzle Dog

Thank You! Once again we are humbled by the ongoing support being given to this fledgling Network. Small steps are being taken along the road to the improvement of our Scottish Terriers health. There have been hard-hitting articles posted giving cause for robust debate, and there will be plenty more along the way, before we all start to see the changes that will begin to help our scotties. But Thank You all for continuing to stick with us.

As usual we welcome stories about your scotties. Don’t forget to let us know your scottie’s birthday so that we can all share, just like in Facebook. Share your health stories so that you can help others overcome health issues.

Rainbow Scotties is our safe place for you to share photos of your beloved scotties who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

On the Bright Side is our way of having a little smile, or a bit of fun – helps with easing some of the heartache we endure.

So, if you have any photos of your beloved companions, please send them to : Let us know which albums you would like them to appear in and we’ll do the rest.

Again Thank You! all for your continued support.


Our Scotties really do need to hear from you .....

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