GI problems – Giardia?

A dear friend and avid supporter of Scottie Health (Sparkle St Marie) mentioned she was involved with a scottie suffering from giardia recently and wondered if anyone had any advice. Well, Scottie Health had set aside this article to publish, but never got around to it, and then being away for a while, it just got overlooked. However today, in catching up, we’ve stumbled across the article again, and here it is …. giardia, courtesy of Dr Karen Becker.


5 responses to “GI problems – Giardia?

  1. Oh my goodness Giardia!! I have 4 dogs, 2 Scotties boys and 2 Cairn girls. We have struggled with Giardia with the girls many times. First, you need to visit the vet and they will put the pup on metronidazole. I fed my girls a mixture of boiled chicken and white rice. Start their normal food back slowly and in small amounts. Giardia is a nasty bug and it truly does mess up their insides, if it goes untreated dogs can die form this. Monitor your pup’s stools as well to make sure they’re returning to normal. Hope this helps!

    • Linda thank you very much for your advice. As you know, it’s always better to hear from people who have experienced these health issues and to understand how they are coping with them, so I thank you on behalf of our “supporters” for providing this very very useful first-hand piece of a information. I hope your boys and girls have come through it ok!

  2. Hi. I know we’re a few years down the line since this post and I don’t have scotties, but I got a GSD pup in Feb 2014 and he came with giardia. I took him to the vet and it took about 4 months to get him semi-normal. In the meantime he had passed the bug onto my other GSD pup (about 9 months old), but managed to get her clear within a couple of weeks. My boy has always had a poor stomach since then and now, 2 years on, he’s suffering from colitis because his intenstines and bowels are so bad and is back on anti-biotics. Please, any dog owner, keep an eye on your pets and contact your vet if there is diarrohea for more than a day. Giardia can lie dormant outside for very long periods of time, pure bleach containing ammonia is the only thing that seems to kill it so clean and disinfect your yards regularly. Incidentally, I contacted the breeder I got him from and they denied any problems in their kennels. Best of luck to anyone else in this position.

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