The search goes on ….

My beloved Finlay

My beloved Finlay

The reason for embarking on this path toward better Scottie Health was Bladder Cancer, or TCC (Transitional Cell Carcinoma) which my beloved Scottie “Finlay” died of in May this year.

I’ve met some really wonderful people who are in the right place to help conduct research into this dreadful disease and I’ve also met distressed families whose scotties have either passed away from TCC or whose scotties are currently suffering with it. It’s a strange but wonderful family to belong to and I’ve made very good friends along the way – they have helped with with many things, grief included, and I shall forever cherish their support.

American researchers and scientists  are already much further down the line with ‘understanding TCC’ than we are in the UK and we need to catch up. Before we can, it seems we must determine whether Scottish Terriers born in the UK have any genetic links to those born in USA. If there is a genetic link, then we can hopefully learn from our good friends and start to make “changes” whatever they may be. However, if Scotties born in the UK do not have any genetic links with those born in the USA, then we will need to carry out a full blown research of our own, here.

So, I know I’ve mentioned this before, but we are still looking for a very small group of pedigree scotties, born in the UK who are sadly suffering from Bladder Cancer/TCC to join this initial research group. We have two so far, and sadly need maybe three or four more. If you know a scottie family suffering in this way and you think they may wish to be involved in this ground breaking research, please tell them about Scottie Health. This shall be their legacy, and I shall ensure that not only are these scotties remembered forever by their own families, but that the whole scottie world, will remember them and their valiant efforts to beat this appalling disease.


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