What’s in your dogs food?

Given the drought and the number of pet foods – especially dry dog foods – that contain corn products these days, I wasn’t surprised earlier in the year to learn of several pet food recalls for aflatoxin contamination. Reports Dr Karen Becker in her article “Aflatoxin: The Single Pet Food Ingredient to Be Especially Vigilant About”

In today’s society we are all living life at a faster and faster pace and as a consequence, we find ourselves eating more and more convenience and fast food items – this also applies to our pets. It’s so much quicker to open a bag of dry food and pour out a bowlful of kibble and hey presto! there’s Fido’s food. However, it’s time we all stopped and took a good look at what we are feeding our pets.

Aflatoxicosis is a disease of the liver, causing GI symptoms, reproductive issues, anemia and jaundice. Certain types of aflatoxins are linked to cancer in animals.

Aflatoxicosis is more common in dogs than cats, as dog food contains more corn. We must all start to read the list of ingredients labelled on packets and learn to understand what is good and what is not.

Please read Dr Becker’s full report, and also the link “pet food recalls”. We must all remain vigilant and ensure our pets are given the best chance of leading a healthy life.


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