2 responses to “Scottie Health Awareness Day July 11 2013

  1. Hello,

    I hope you do not mind that I am writing to you with a concern about my newly adopted/rescued Scottish Terrier. We rescued Mo almost two weeks ago from a No Kill Shelter in Kentucky, USA. He is said to be five years old. He had been in the shelter for about two weeks. He had two previous owners, but we know nothing about his history other than that except that he was not neutered until December 18, 2013.

    He did not respond to the name we assumed was assigned to him by the shelter, so after having his with us for a few days, and because he was as slow as MOlasses and when walking, he just MOseys. We named him Mo. Mo is *never* in a hurry.

    We took him to our vet the day after we brought him home. He has allergies, possibly to fleas, and had a significant loss of hair on his back where he had scratched and chewed himself. Our veterinarian prescribed Prednisone 10 mg and the antibiotic, Cephalexin 250MG. He had a cortisone shot at the vet’s office. We are also putting Neopolydex Ointment in his eyes twice each day. He is also taking Benadryl twice daily. Needless to say, he was treated for fleas at the shelter and we have not seen any on him.

    During the past thirty years, including Mo, we have had four Scottish Terriers join our family; so we are used to a Scottie’s usual behavior. However, Mo is never excited about anything. He never moves very fast. We have not seen him run. He walks slowly . . . he will very rarely trot a few steps. He mostly just sits and looks sad. His appetite is good. His gums are pink (with darker areas). He drinks a lot of water, but the vet said to expect that with the prescriptions she ordered for him. He sits and looks at us, but does not communicate with us or let us know his needs or desires. He rarely wags his tail . . . I’ve seen it wag for a couple of seconds only twice. Yesterday Mo just sat and stared at a squirrel digging a hole three feet away from him. This does not seem normal.

    I do not know if he is depressed, ill, or if Mo’s personality is unlike any Scottie we have so far known. If your Scottie behaved like I have described, what would be your reaction?

    Thank you for reading this.

    Sincerely, Kay W. Yount

    • Oh my goodness, poor Mo! He does sound a sorry little mite. You obviously are very experienced with understanding Scotties and their traits, but I too have not come across a scottie with such a lack of interest in his surroundings. Your vet obviously does not think that there is anything seriously wrong with Mo, otherwise we both know that a different diagnosis would have been given.

      With your permission I would like to copy your comment onto the Facebook Page, just to see if anyone in the wider community recognises these ‘symptoms’ (not every follower keeps an eye on the website, but because it is easier to keep track of posts/comments on Facebook, they respond more readily to those placed there.

      I’ll wait until morning to see if you have any adverse concern over putting this across Facebook – but the followers have such a wide understanding that I’m confident someone will recognise Mo’s “symptoms”

      Give your little man a hug – if he’s up to it!

      Karen x

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