Finlay ……

FinlayIt’s been 365 days, or 12 months, or 1 year,  but whichever way I look at it, the death of my beloved Fin Fin from bladder cancer seems like just a minute ago. Time and grief have a bizarre relationship that I shall never understand.

Finlay was the inspiration behind this Network and its aims of trying to understand why our wonderful scotties are so susceptible to Bladder Cancer and to also try and understand whether there is anything that we can do better for them in the hope of reducing this high attrition rate.

Sadly during the course of these past 365 days, Finlay has been joined by many of your own Scotties, and it is to these scotties that we also pay homage to, today. They are the foundation that inspire us to move forward in trying to understand this disease, they are legacy for tomorrow, for a healthier and longer-living scottie.

My heart breaks for the loss of my Fin Fin, my ‘bestest boy’, my ‘little man’  ….. so today I shall spend in quiet contemplation of Finlay, and all your beloved Scotties who reside across the rainbow bridge, awaiting our reunion, and also to those families who’s scotties are currently suffering from either this dreadful disease, or who are living under the shadow of another terminal illness.

Thank you, everyone, for your support of this Network. Together we shall make a difference for our scotties.



4 responses to “Finlay ……

  1. I know how you feel, we lost our first Scottie, Scout, to bladder cancer 8 years ago and it still seems like yesterday…We are on our third Scottie, and come hell or high water, WE WILL keep them healthy, happy and for as long as possible with good food, a lot of love, exercise and determination……Keeping you in my thoughts, prayers and hearts….Finlay too

  2. Dr Debbie Knapp and her oncology team at Purdue University have been researching TCC for a long time, and they have made huge strides in our understanding of this terrible cancer. Here is a link to their web site and tons of info. Also stay tuned for an exciting new screening study that we hope to see get underway in the Fall.…/urinary-bladder-cancer…
    Urinary Bladder Cancer Research
    PVM Urinary bladder cancer research

    For more info on Bladder Cancer in Scotties go to the STCA website
    and put in a search for Bladder Cancer. Several articles are there in the Health Library.

    Marcia Dawson DVM
    HIJinks Scottish Terriers

  3. So, so ,sorry. I lost one too this wAy. A hole in your heart forever. Always tears. Time does not heal. Much love.

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