Your Doggie Diets

carrie cThank you Carrie for this … … As you requested here is what i feed my scottie who has flea allergies and food allergies

Mix the following all together…then divide into 100gm serves and freeze.

5 KG Raw Kangaroo mince meat
8 cups Vets all natural sensitive grain mix
4 heaped table spoons coconut oil
8 teaspoons of powdered pro biotics (bought from fridge at Chemist warehouse)
4 cups water (you can also at this point add fresh vegies if you wish to as an optional extra)

2 lamb bones cooked in water in the slow cooker over night and then including the fat in the broth mix a desired amount into the mixture above to a consistency thats firm.

I cook the broth and personally keep it separate from the mixture and i add when i serve the dogs their meals
My scottie loves her food. Her coat is shiny healthy thick and grows well. Her teeth are clean and also healthy. At her vet check last week the Vet stated she looks fit and in a very high level of health
and puts it down to the diet i have her on .


Our Scotties really do need to hear from you .....

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