Today of all days (our Awareness Day) I bring a note of sadness that another brave Scottie has been diagnosed with TCC.

“Wonder” is owned by Robert. Robert is allowing me to share their plight as they bravely work their way through suggested medications.Wonder

Here’s what Robert has to say :

I’m devastated to say… My little 9-year-old Scottie girl Wonder was officially diagnosed today with moderate to high-level, stage 1 bladder cancer. The mass was discovered Saturday during an ultrasound by her vet, and further evaluated and confirmed by a biopsy performed by her oncologist today. The mass has grown very quickly since a previous ultrasound in early March, which showed no indication of any issue with her bladder. Therefore, it is considered to be aggressive, although she still is asymptomatic, showing no sign of any problem. As of now Wonder is a vivacious, healthy-looking little girl. Through her previous surgeries in 2011, including the removal of 1/3 of her liver to extract a benign mass, Wonder has proven to have a remarkable life spark. She is determined and stoic! Without treatment for her new found cancer, she is given only approximately 6 months to live. The decision has been made to begin immediate treatment by administering Palladia, a relatively new drug with some amazing successes. The therapy will continue initially for approximately 12 weeks, with bi-weekly ultrasounds and evaluations. We’re hopeful the treatment will eradicate the mass, or at least shrink it to a size that might further permit surgical removal. We’re taking one day at a time and following the advice of Wonder’s medical team.
Wonder and I are connected at the heart. She is so very special to me and she and her brother Winston are the nucleus of my life. I ask for your positive thoughts and prayers for Wonder’s recuperation and for minimal side affects from the Palladia. I also pray that God will guide us in our decisions as we go forward and that Wonder will be able, in her own special way, to let me know how all of this is affecting her quality of life. After all, this is all about her… My little angel.
Thanks for allowing me to express my feelings about this, as it’s new territory I’ve yet to experience. God bless all other Scotties and their owners who are facing similar challenges and strife.


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