The Fall and Fall of our Scottish Terrier

In 2005 it was reported that …

Scottie Health is not improving

….. life span of the breed is 10½ years

….. dogs bred by “good” breeders are not healthier than those bred by backyard breeders or puppy mills.”

These and plenty more depressing results were recorded after the 2005 Scottish Terrier Health Survey was produced by Great Scots Magazine.

I’m hoping that publisher Joseph Harvill has the energy to run this survey for the 3rd time, again in 2015 thus giving us a 20 year history of our breed. And lets hope that in the 10 year period since 2005, we have managed to reverse some of these appalling trends.

You can read not only the condensed version of the 2005 survey by clicking here:.– Terrierman’s Daily Dose –. but the full report is available in a pdf format within the same article.

I most certainly recommend you read the condensed report, and if you have time, grab a cup of coffee and sit and read the full version.

As Joseph recently commented in his latest edition of Great Scots Magazine:

Our Scotties’ hopes for tomorrow will come from the bottom up, one hopelessly enchanted individual at a time.

I know that I’m not that one hopelessly enchanted individual, although sometimes it feels like it, but I know you folks are out there by the very nature of your support of this Network.

I’m looking for Admins for the Facebook page, and contributors to the website and lots more other folk greedy for the need to improve our scotties’ health and well-being – so come on, please, get in touch with me, either through the webblog, or Facebook and let’s all Make a Difference for Scottish Terriers.


Our Scotties really do need to hear from you .....

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