What’s in your dog’s food?

I found this article, very sad. Sad for those wonderful people who had owned dogs/cats, cared for them throughout their very short lives and made that final heart breaking moment to relieve their beloved pet of ongoing suffering …. it would have “done me in” if I thought my pet had been treated like this.

Over the years I have had to say goodbye to 5 beloved scotties. Four of my girls are buried in my garden so I know that they were treated with the utmost kindness. My 5th, Gus, who passed away 4th July 2011 was cremated – I only hope that ….. well you know what I mean.

Dog Eat Dog ….

To think that sodium pentobarbital is present in our pet food is disgraceful and as I progressed through this article I became more and more horrified. Is there no end to the lengths some governmental bodies will go to and some in conjunction with Vets – the so called group of people acting as “guardians” “in respect of animal health.” Pet nutrition is touched on only briefly, usually during lectures presented by the major pet food companies, so little wonder that so many vets remain painfully unaware of the possible toxins our pets ingest today. The University of Minnesota carried out research into sodium pentobarbital in rendered products and found that this “material” survived rendering without undergoing degradation. Despite their research going on to state that “the likelihood of significant residues being present in rendered pets is minimal” their research still proves the point that sodium pentobarbital IS present!

And the vets answer ….. they believe food allergies and toxic conditions are on the rise in our pets today and when pressed to give a more specific answer many blame such possible causes as “environmental pollution” and “the stress of living in cities”

I won’t labour the point here, in my own words, but leave you with the chance to read this article in its entirely. It is distressing, but I urge you to read this, especially if you still purchase commercially produced pet food.


Our Scotties really do need to hear from you .....

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