Everywhere I  look in my global search for  remedies, solutions, and reasons why our Scotties are so poorly, I come across articles about V.E.T.S. Yes Vets! Those so called “guardians” of animal-kind. The first few articles I read I just thought it was the authors having a go at vets ‘cos maybe something had gone wrong with one of their visits and so I didn’t bother to read all of them, but, as I’ve just said, everywhere I look, these articles are popping up. So, I’ve started to re-read them; top to bottom, all the way through, and you know what, they all seem to say the same thing. So, here’s the first of probably many that I’ll be posting throughout the coming weeks/months – just to highlight the growing concern that others have with our “guardians”.

This article is from one of my favourite authors, Terrierman’s Daily Dose and on this occasion he’s talking about choosing a good vet, how prepared you really need to be before embarking with this relationship, and letting you know that you can say “No” to your vet.

The article covers, Vaccines, Prescriptions, New Clinics and several other items of good advice you need before choosing your vet. Most of us have been with our vets for some considerable time, but it’s worth reading this just to make sure that you are the one in control of your relationship.

I’ve linked the word “Vaccine”. This topic is the most talked about health issue in nearly all articles relating to vets that I’ve found, along with Nutrition (I’ll post articles on that topic shortly), but Terrierman’s full article is certainly work reading.

– Terrierman’s Daily Dose –.


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