Finlay : Update

I don’t want to tempt Fate and all that, so I’ve “crossed” everything that can be crossed whilst typing this update.

So far he has responded really well since our last health upset. It’s taken him sometime to get to a stage that I can say he’s “better” and acting more like himself. His appetite has returned and I’ve been able to add in more supplements, slowly of course, to his diet. I think because I was so desperate to get him feeling OK that I possibly gave him too much too soon – so these last couple of weeks have been a slow rebuild of his energy and appetite to now allow me to include these supplements.

He does so love his stroller, and would rather sit in that but I think that because in him trying to pee, he causes himself discomfort and thus doesn’t want to walk. Whilst in his stroller he’s not tempted to pee.

FinlayWe actually met a lovely lady the other day who mentioned she too had a stroller for her girlie dog – who has diabetes and is going blind – but on the one occasion she took her girl out in it a push-biker rang his bell and startled the little dog and now she’s frightened of it. Her owner said she was OK being pushed around her own garden, but as soon as the doggie realised they were going out of the garden gate she would panic. This very nice lady said she would persevere as they both loved walking, and both were suffering from not getting out and about as they usually did. Finally – a person who actually understands what the actual benefits of having a stroller are. Well in fact, the people who live in my village are more than supportive, if only those outside could be the same.

Not only have I been purchasing more supplements I’ve also got planned a couple more doggie biscuit baking days – so I’ll let you know how those go in due course.


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