As the holistic dog food trend continues to grow, you need to become increasingly vigilant, so you don’t fall for “natural” pet foods that aren’t natural. As a case in point, I compare three foods – two of which are truly great and one that’s a fake…

states Dr Karen Becker in her article  think twice about this new “natural” pet food that contains sketchy ingredients

This is a very timely article as we at ScottieHealth are looking very carefully into making changes to our Scottie’s diets.

Let us know what diets work for your and your Scotties.


One response to “Natural

  1. We’ve had our Mac on Acana-grain-free for about 3 years after first using Canidae ( they changed the formula and there was the contamination thing ) and then Life’s Abundance. Allergy testing revealed that he allergic to beef, corn, soy, yeast, carrots, and RICE! The Acana is a division of Champion Foods of Alberta, Canada. We mix the kibble with cooked lamb, bison, chicken, or salmon. Everything is weighed on a small digital scale. 50 gm dry/ 25 gr meat. This, plus monthly antigen injections have produced fabulous results.
    RgN 9-2-13

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