Your Doggie Diets

Following our desire to share some of your Doggie Diets, here’s the first of what we hope are many more. Thanks Terri for sharing this!

We switched our Scotties to Merricks Grain Free Chicken and Sweet Potato dry kibble after doing some research…With their dry kibble, they also get a tablespoon or two of baked chicken with shredded fresh carrots and a flaxseed oil gel cap squeezed on the morning meal…The difference in our older Scottie MacDuff ( he will be 8 April 30th) has been amazing to see…His energy level, alertness, puppy like attitude and trim “waist line” are quite noticeable and its a joy to watch him with our 3 year old rescue Bonnie who is full of energy… 

We lost our first Scottie just after his 8th birthday, I am determined to have both these Scots a lot longer….So far both are healthy, energetic, bright and playful, full of energy, no medical issues at this point, and are happy Scotties that love their walks and lounging in front of the fire on these cold nights…
This works for us and as they age, I’ll research more and make changes…So far so good….
If you would like to share your doggie diets with us, just email and we’ll include your ‘recipe’

3 responses to “Your Doggie Diets

    • Got a response from Terri which is : “The least expensive place we have come across to purchase the Merricks grain free is Amazon….Our local pet stores carry it as well, but runs a tad higher than Amazon…Keep in mind, we have “Amazon Prime” and our shipping is free…..” Hope this helps. If not, drop me another comment and we’ll see what we can uncover. Regards Kx

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