One response to “Scottie Cramp?

  1. Our boy, Mac, will get a cramp from time to time. They NEVER seem to happen when he is excited. He might wake up from a nap and cramp-up for 10-to-15 seconds and it is over. He is now going on 8 years old and it is no worse than when he arrived at 5 months. I’ve read when most consider it not to be really serious, but I’ve also read that it most often happens due to stress. Go to YouTube and seek out the Animal Planet video entitled, ” Breed All About It, Scottish Terrier. ”
    ( They have videos on many breeds, but, of course, the Scottie video is the best ) It runs about 3 minutes. At about the 50 second mark, they show a 6 year old girl going to the vet for acupuncture treatments, which they indicate have provided some success. They say that the
    ” cramps ” show up during the first year, but we didn’t notice them with our guy for some time after that. Good luck!
    RgN 2-20-15

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